Dedicated Dreamer 3

It took a year, but the third Dedicated Dreamer book is finally finished!

Compared to the previous two, I gave this book more time and consideration. I paid special attention to the baseline grid, punctuation and layout. This book took longer to produce mainly because of the individual story cover art. While I used Canva to design many of the story covers in the first two books, for this book I wanted to properly show off my skills as a graphic designer. Most of the images were sourced from Pixabay and Pexels, however they were edited and transformed using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Original cover art

Cover art with stock elements

Considering the cover

Dedicated Dreamer may not be a brand per say but now that there are three books I think it can be considered a series. Even though these books aren’t being mass produced (yet), it is still important that the Dedicated Dreamer design style is consistent. A consistent design style is makes it easier to recognise books in a series. While the colour palette is different, the design elements closely resemble those of the previous two books.

I am a big fan of simple shapes; as such the Dedicated Dreamer design elements are created using shapes such as rings, arches, a wheel and clouds.

Recently, I edited the design of the first book cover to improve its relationship with the second and third book.

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