Dedicated Dreamer – book 2

As a person with narcolepsy I often experience lucid dreaming. These dreams have taken me to outer space, transported me to other worlds of magic and dragons. Instead of letting these dreams clutter up my head I decided to make the most of them. Using my creativity and imagination I started turning these dreams into... Continue Reading →

UX Design Institute

My internship with the UX Design Institute has beed a great experience. The UX Design Institute offers a credit-rated, online diploma course in UX Design. With huge demand for trained UX designers in the work-force but currently no university course available on the subject, the UX Design Institute has become recognised in many different countries... Continue Reading →

Narcolepsy for Educators Leaflet

Narcolepsy is a condition that is often misundestood. It is vital that teachers and lecturers are aware of the symptoms of narcolepsy. Recently I started working with SOUND Ireland to design a series of promotional leaflets and booklets to promote narcolepsy awareness. The images above show the first of that series. A tri-fold leaflet to... Continue Reading →

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