Narcolepsy for Educators Leaflet

Narcolepsy is a condition that is often misundestood. It is vital that teachers and lecturers are aware of the symptoms of narcolepsy. Recently I started working with SOUND Ireland to design a series of promotional leaflets and booklets to promote narcolepsy awareness. The images above show the first of that series. A tri-fold leaflet to... Continue Reading →

In The Making Living with narcolepsy I often experience lucid dreaming. These dreams have taken me to outer space, transported me to other worlds of magic and dragons. Instead of letting these dreams clutter up my head I decided to make the most of them. Using my creativity and imagination I started turning these dreams into short... Continue Reading →

Ardsolus: Housing Development

A housing development by Alanna Homes. The brief for this project outlined the development should appeal to young families. The modern abstract design appeals to younger house hunters likely searching for their first family home. The bright and warm colours are a key feature of the design identity. The variety of colours compliment each other.... Continue Reading →

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