Branding Popertee

Popscore Prototype

Wireframes for were designed using Adobe XD.  These wireframes demonstrate the user experience as they navigate through the website from Signing Up, finding their Target Audience and Booking A Space.  Log in & Forgot Password Sign Up Find Your Target Audience Find a Space


Popscore is a platform that uses data, behavioural and social media analytics to match brands with smart locations. The Popscore logo matches the Popertee logo by using the same font and colours. This is to keep a consistent brand identity.  The diagram was created to visually explain how the platform will work. Using basic icons and... Continue Reading →

Dunboyne Life: Promo Video

Promo Video The purpose of this promotional video is to promote Dunboyne as a place to live. Highlighting the vibrant community, variety of facilities, activities and services. Also the unique rural feel so close to the city. I interviewed local residents that I met with previously, each with their own unique story of living in... Continue Reading →

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