Ardsolus: Housing Development

A housing development by Alanna Homes. The brief for this project outlined the development should appeal to young families. The modern abstract design appeals to younger house hunters likely searching for their first family home. The bright and warm colours are a key feature of the design identity. The variety of colours compliment each other.... Continue Reading →


Popscore is a platform that uses data, behavioural and social media analytics to match brands with smart locations. The Popscore logo matches the Popertee logo by using the same font and colours. This is to keep a consistent brand identity.  The diagram was created to visually explain how the platform will work. Using basic icons and... Continue Reading →

Dunboyne Life Project

In college, for my Final Year Project I designed a brand identity Dunboyne, a small town in Co. Meath. The purpose of this project was to promote the countless clubs, groups and services in the area. Step 1: Networking I arranged to meet local Dunboyne residents to hear their opinions and stories of living in... Continue Reading →

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