Dunboyne Life Project

In college, for my Final Year Project I designed a brand identity Dunboyne, a small town in Co. Meath. The purpose of this project was to promote the countless clubs, groups and services in the area.


Step 1: Networking

I arranged to meet local Dunboyne residents to hear their opinions and stories of living in Dunboyne. This was to verify the project would benefit the community and ensure it wasn’t being developed from my own assumptions.
I reached out to residents by posting on the Dunboyne Noticeboard facebook page. I wanted to get their opinions on the area, community spirit, services, and facilities.
I also contacted local clubs and societies to discuss this project and if they were interested in being featured on the website.

Step 2: Design Ideas

The logo is a visual representation of the values of the brand identity.

One idea explored was using the shape of Dunboyne. However, this was not suitable in the long run as over time the shape of the town could change. Especially with the development projects planned for the near future.
Another idea explored was a seed in a bud, which is a representation for community, growth and life.

This design was inspired by the 3 islands in the centre of Dunboyne village. It is more realistic and significant than the previous idea as the islands have historical importance and visually represent Dunboyne.

Step 3: Final Design

This simple yet vibrant logo design represents the values and personality of the brand identity Dunboyne Life.

The final design is made up of 3 leaf shapes that were inspired by a previous design (the islands). The leaf is often used to represent community and life which was an important aspect of the brand identity.
Using the multiply opacity overlaps the 3 individual shapes and better connects them together.
The bright and vibrant colours also add life to the logo design.

View Full Project Book here: ProjectBook

NOTE: This website no longer exists

Video Production

Trailer Video

This video was created solely for the Final Year showcase. It shows viewers the purpose of the project and the stages of progress from start to finish.

Header Video

The website header video was created to capture the user’s attention and show some of Dunboyne’s appeal. The video was created using ambient footage of the village and its facilities.

Promotional Video

This promotional video was created to promote the community of Dunboyne. Focusing on the vibrant community, variety of facilities, activities and services as well as the unique balance of rural and city living.
I interviewed local residents that I met with previously, each with their own unique story of living in Dunboyne. A simple motion graphic was created in After Effects to use for the opening and closing of the promo video.


NOTE: This website no longer exists

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